Super Kote™ 3000


Super Kote 3000 is formulated to provide the necessary balance between performance and value, delivering good hide and a durable, washable finish. Ideal for new work or re-paints, including commercial, residential, and new construction projects.

  • Good hide
  • Notable washability
  • Good touch-up
  • Spatter resistant
  • Quick drying
  • High production speed
  • Low VOC

Available Sheens: Flat (72 line), Eggshell (930 line), and Semi-Gloss (74 line)

Available Colours: White, Pastel Base, Tint Base, and Deep Base*

Cleanup: Warm, soapy water

Resin Type: Latex

Recommended Use: Interior

MPI Rating: N/A (72 line); N/A (930 line); 54 (74 line)

VOC Level: < 50 g/L (72 and 930 lines); < 100 g/L (74 line)

*Colours not available in all sheens. Contact your local Coronado Paint dealer for product availability, including sizes, colours, and sheens.